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To determine the best bird feeder system for the space you have available, think of the birds who you will be wanting to feed.  Functional bird feeders are ones made of durable materials that help keep the birdseed clean and dry.  They also provide easy access for the birds and are easy for you to fill and keep clean.

There are more types and styles of bird feeders on the market today than there are bird species to use them!  Your choice depends on what kind of birds you most want to attract to your yard.  Birds, like people, have preferences about where they want to take their food; near the ground or well above, standing on a platform or on a perch; out of a tube or from a hopper.

At Wilbird & Backyard we strive to carry the feeders that are durable, made of quality materials and most carrying a manufacturer's warranty.  We carry the brands that are synonymous with birdfeeding; Duncraft, Woodlink, Aspect, Droll Yankee, Birds Choice, Vari-Craft, as well as others.   Most are made of sturdy materials; metal, cedar or polylumber.  More selection is becoming available in the polylumber, or recycled plastic.  This recycled plastic is made from plastic products, like milk jugs, that otherwise would be filling up our landfills.  This plastic is guaranteed not to chip, fade. peel or crack, ideal for birdfeeders.

This website offers a wide selection of feeders but a more expanded selection is available in our store.  If you are in our area, come in and inspect the expansive selection we have available.  We're sure you'll find the perfect feeder for your backyard.