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Tray/Platform/Fly-thru Feeders

A platform feeder is any flat, raised surface onto which bird food is spread.  They are open in design and the birds can easily keep a sharp eye out for any approaching predators and if any are spotted the birds can easily fly away.  Trays attract most species of feeder birds, but without a baffle, they offer no protection against squirrels or chipmunks.  If you place a tray feeder (with legs) near the ground you'll most likely attract juncos, doves, sparrows and cardinals. 

Some tray/platform feeders are designed to be placed on a pole or post underneath your hopper or fly-thru feeder.  Their purpose is two-fold: to provide another area to place food and also to collect any food from the feeder above that has been scattered. 

A platform feeder with a roof, also known as a fly-thru, has a roof that will help keep the seed dry but no container to hold seed.  These feeders normally don't hold as much seed as a hopper and need to be filled more often.  They should have plenty of drainage holes to prevent water accumulation.  Fly-thrus can be hung or mounted on a pole or post.