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Bird Baths

How long could you survive without water?  Probably the first day wouldn't be so bad but we all know our bodies are made up primarily of water and we need replenishment daily to keep our bodies functioning properly.  Birds have the same need.  They are attracted to most any type of water (sprinklers, puddles, baths, streams, etc.) and they are usually able to find water someplace during the warmer seasons.  If they find it in your backyard, they'll have reason to visit frequently.  We've always said birds need 3 things: food, shelter and water.  We offer the largest variety of birds baths in the area.  In the store we stock standing models, hanging baths, ground baths, stake models, deck mounted and ponds.  Many of these are brought inside or covered for the winter months as they may not weather well in frigid Wisconsin temperatures.  If you remove that "summer bath" please replace it with a heated birds bath or a reliable bath that will tolerate winter and accept a heated bath insert.  Wildbird & Backyard has a selection to meet your needs.  We're offering several models on our website, a much large selection is available in our store.  We strive for well constructed models that will weather well and also be a piece of beauty in your backyard.