Butterfly Houses

The butterflies that use Butterfly Houses prefer the safety of the woods as opposed to the open garden setting.  To make them more effective they should be placed in a woody section of your garden.  The host plants for the species preferring boxes should be planted nearby.  By having the nectar source close by, they may be more likely to use the house.

Butterflies don't use these houses as one might expect.  They are mainly used for protection from inclement weather.  High winds, hail and piercing rain can destroy the fragile butterfly wings.  As stormy weather approaches the butterfly needs to take cover, often in a rock bed, in a wood pile, or someplace that will keep the elements away. 

The elongated holes in the Butterfly House allow the butterfly to bring its wings together and enter into a safe place.  Be sure to place some twigs inside so they have a spot to sit and weather out the storm. 

They are sure to add an object of beauty to your flower garden--along with offering a safe place to escape the dangers.