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Providing birds houses to wild birds is an important component of your backyard habitat.  Wild birds will visit your backyard and stay to nest year after year.  You will be rewarded by watching their behavior and as a side benefit, these birds will help to eat the insects in your garden and feed them to their young.

Help these cute little birds out.  The male wren arrives in Spring before the female and will build a dozen or more nests to attract her as a mate.  High quality nest houses should be provided to make the selection process successful in your yard.  The hole should be 1" to 1-1/8", the house should have a removable panel for easy cleaning and there should NOT be a perch.

Chickadees also are cavity nest builders.  They prefer to nest in the soft, partially rotten wood of a tree trunk or broken limb, but when that is not available they will be excellent dwellers in man-made houses. 

Locate Chickadee bird houses 4-15 feet high, place a few wood chips in the box and like the wren, have several boxes available. They will have several different locations prepared before selecting the one they will use.  The hole size for the Chickadee is the same as the Wren, 1 to 1 1/8" indiameter.