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Hopper Feeders

The traditional and attractive hopper feeder is very popular with people and backyard birds. Due to its simplicity, a hopper feeder is a good choice when choosing a first feeder.  As the name implies, a hopper feeder has a box-like storage and a dispensing system through a slot that not only makes seed available for birds on demand but has a roof to help keep seed dry too.  This feeder type usually contains enough seed for several days and automatically delivers the seed to your birds through a gavity-fed feeder slot. 

Hopper feeders are attractive to most species of feeder birds, from small birds such as chickadees to large birds such as jays.  The "feeding area" on hoppers varies with size.  Those with larger feeding areas may be more attractive to cardinals who generally prefer to feed off the ground.  Hoppers come in many sizes; some have suet cages attached to their sides to offer more variety of feed.  They can be made of wood or recycled material, can be hung or pole mounted. They can be filled with most seed, any variety of Wildbird & Backyard mixes would be a good choice.