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Bat Houses

Bats eat a tremendous amount of insects, pests or bugs each night.  The insects eaten include mosquitoes, leafhoppers, beetles, moths, grasshoppers, ants, flies and crickets.  Many bat colonies will use bat houses as an artificial roost during the day.  Eliminate the need for pesticides in your garden/yard by installing bat houses for insect control.

The bat houses we sell meet the requirements set by the Bat Conservation organizations.  Due to their research and data gathering, they know the standards necessary to make a well-designed bat house. 

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding bats that may be a concern to new bat house owners.  Bats will not get tangled in your hair.  Like humans and dogs, they are very clean mammals and not flying mice.  Less than one-half of one percent of bats have rabies and they seldom trasmit rabies to humans or other animals.  They live on every continent except Antartica and have around since the time of dinosaurs.  Their droppings or guano can be used for fertilizer.